How to find the Best Bargains Online

Daniel Wellington

Being able to purchase thousands of products on different platforms at any time of day or night makes online shopping easy and practical. But there is more to it than convenience. You can also score great bargains online if you take your time to do a bit of research. There are plenty of ways to find the latest promotions and enjoy discounts when shopping online. Learn a few tips and tricks for finding the best bargains online.

Use Shopping Apps

Nowadays, there seems to be an app for everything, including shopping. Since there are apps that allow you to do the actual shopping, it came as natural to design price comparison apps that help you find discounts. These apps usually include different product niches. You can use them to browse for anything from gadgets to clothes and food.

After entering a product’s name, these apps can scrutinize the web to show you where you can find the best deals. They’ll show you an overview of different products fetched from different websites, their ratings, prices, and more. Some price comparison apps also notify you once new deals are available, based on your preferences. Just keep a close eye on the app and have your notifications turned on.

Compare In-store with Online Prices

Another way to come across good deals if you also shop in brick-and-mortar stores is to compare the prices. If you see a product you like in a physical store, check out how much it costs in virtual stores too. The price might be lower given that online shops often have different offers and promotions. Plus, unlike physical stores, they don't pay rent and might have lower employee-related expenses. As a result, they can afford to price their products differently to gain more customers.

To ease your work, you can also use comparison websites. On these, you can find top-rated products, their features, benefits, ratings, reviews, and the best online deals. There are also comparison apps that allow you to scan a product’s barcode to get price-related information and see where it costs less, both in physical and online stores.

Look for Cash-back Benefits

Another way to get more bang for your buck whenever you shop, even if you don't buy a product at a discount price is to get cash back. This is literally money you get back for each purchase you make. The amount usually represents a certain percentage of what you spend.

There are different ways to access cash-back benefits. One is to get a cash-back rewards card. There are different banks providing such cards these days. Besides cash back, these cards can offer additional rewards. For example, you can enjoy discounts when making select purchases at one of the partners in their network. You can also use cash-back apps to get money back from your online purchases.

The amounts you get as cash back might not seem much. The typical cash-back percentage you get with reward cards on any type of purchase is 1%. However, at the end of the month, all these small amounts can make a difference.

Subscribe to Email Lists and Newsletters

We often associate marketing emails with spam or abusive marketing tactics. However, when you create an account on a trusted retailer’s website, they give you several options. They allow you to choose the type of emails you want to receive, including commercial emails or no email at all.

By saying yes to newsletters, you allow e-stores to include you in their customer emails list. This way, you can stay up-to-date with their latest offers and maybe even get special discounts and coupons that are not available elsewhere online. If you don't want your inbox to be cluttered with commercial emails, be selective. Only accept newsletters from brands that really made a good impression on you.

Stay in the Loop on Social Media

Do you use social media to connect with your friends and family or stay up to date with your favorite celebrities’ careers? Then, why not leverage these tools for online shopping as well? Follow your favorite brands and e-stores on social media. Some of them have special promotions they only announce on these channels. You can also get different promo codes or take part in different contests to win giveaways and vouchers on social media. If you spend time on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram anyway, it’s worth keeping a close eye on what different stores and brands post there.

Don't Buy Right Away

A strategy to save money while shopping is to add an item to your cart and leave it there. If you already have an account at that shop, the company has your email, so they can send you notifications. The first email you'll probably get is a reminder to complete your purchase. If you wait just a bit longer, you might get another email offering you a discount on the product in your cart. This way, the company encourages you to buy from them instead of canceling your order and you get a discount without doing anything special.

Wait a Bit Longer

Another tactic to pay less for the products you want is to wait until discounts become available. Online shops offer regular discounts, so if you don't need the product right away, it might be worth the waiting period. Depending on the time of the year, the discount might come sooner or later. For example, if you want to buy something at the end of August, there might be some seasonal discounts for the end of the summer. If you can’t find a good deal, you might want to wait until Black Friday to find a bargain.

From shopping apps to newsletters, social media, and comparison websites, there are plenty of ways to find bargains online. Once you know where and how to look for the best deals, you’ll be able to save money regularly while shopping online.