Your Buyer Guide for Choosing the Best Desk Chair

Mark Preston

Whether you work in the office or from home, one thing is for sure, you don’t want that troubling back pain to prevent you from focusing on your job or enjoying your free time. Yet, if you spend many hours in front of your laptop on an uncomfortable chair, you might not be able to avoid this unpleasant result. So, what is a good desk chair that makes you feel comfortable and keeps back pain at bay? Read this buyer guide for choosing the best desk chair and find out.

The Main Benefits a Desk Chair Should Provide

Before you start looking for a desk chair, you shouldn’t think of this item as a one-size-fits-all solution. The best option depends on your needs and personal preferences. You want to get a chair that offers good support and enhanced comfort. This will make it easier to spend hours in a row working on your PC. So, you should analyze the chair’s material and design to see if it delivers these benefits. Additionally, look for extra features, such as the possibility to lean the chair back or adjust it to achieve more comfort. The size of the chair also matters, especially if you’ve got limited space in your office.

Features to Consider and Compare When Looking for Desk Chairs


When it comes to their design, desk chairs come in a wide variety of models and colors. You might be tempted to choose a desk chair that would look great in your office, has a bold look, or a stunning color. However, there are more practical matters to consider in terms of design. The chair should offer proper support to your whole body. You shouldn’t feel any pain after sitting on it for longer periods and you shouldn’t feel that the chair is too small or too stiff.

Good support is one of the main benefits to look for when buying a desk chair, and this is not only a matter of comfort but also of health. Especially if you have back, neck, or shoulder pain due to bad posture or a medical condition, you should get an ergonomic chair. These are designed to align your spine properly so you don’t feel pain when and after you sit.

If back pain is what troubles you, look for chairs that have a good ability to support the lower back and adapt to the spine’s curvature. Besides this, a good chair will not only offer adequate lumbar support. It will also properly support your neck and your shoulders. For example, many chair models offer a headrest, which supports your neck.


The chair’s material also plays a crucial role in terms of comfort. One of the best material choices, especially for people with back pain, is memory foam. This type of material adapts to each user’s body shape. More precisely, it will offer proper contouring for your back, which prevents lumbar pain. This material also helps achieve pressure point relief in parts of your body such as the back, hips, or shoulders that support more weight.

You might also want to look for a breathable material. Classic leather chairs look great. However, not everyone likes them because the fabric feels warm after prolonged use. A chair with mesh fabric can be a more comfortable option if you want to avoid getting hot and sweaty.


The best desk chair models now offer different adjustability features. Lumbar support adjustability and tension control features are important for your comfort and a healthy posture. You should be able to lean the chair back until you reach the desired position. Some chairs also allow you to move the chair seat while keeping the back rest in the same position, a feature known as a seat slider.

Another crucial feature is height adjustability. For a comfortable position, your feet should rest on the floor. A good desk chair adapts to your preferences and height, making it easy for a shorter or taller person to use the chair too. When you work on your PC or laptop, the chair should have just the right height to allow you to see the middle of the screen.

In many chair models, the armrests also have different position options, as well as the ability to remove them altogether. The armrest adjustment features should allow you to position your arms at the same height as your desk.


If you need to grab different objects while working, you might also want to consider a chair with increased mobility features. One that has a wheelbase allows you to easily move without having to get up each time you need an item. Chairs that offer a 360-degree rotation are some of the most practical. You can get a chair with ball wheels that work great on rigid surfaces. Alternatively, you can get one with caster wheels that are better if you use carpets as they won’t deteriorate them.

Installation and Usage Instructions

You don’t want to waste a lot of time figuring out how to set up the chair or risk not finding all the needed hardware for this process. A set of comprehensive and clear user instructions will help you eliminate the guesswork. Plus, you want a chair that takes little time to install. You shouldn’t spend more than 10-15 minutes on this. If you need help, the manufacturer should be able to provide you a reliable customer support service.

Finding the best desk chair shouldn’t be a matter of trial and error. Think about the features you value the most in this product. Then, look for a desk chair that meets your exigencies. Another aspect to consider before making a purchase, especially if you buy the desk chair online, is the ability to return it and get a full reimbursement. Trusted manufacturers offer this option. If you don’t know which desk chair brands are the most reliable, check out our recommendations for this product category.