Your Buyer Guide for Choosing the Best Facial Trimmer

Mark Preston

Trimming your beard like a pro is no easy task. Some men prefer to let experts do this job and simply enjoy the result, although it costs. But there are also plenty of tools you can rely on these days to make beard trimming easier. If you feel up to it, there is nothing stopping you from getting that perfect beard shape yourself, at home, using a facial trimmer. If you don’t know what to look for when buying one, here is a guide to help you out.

Beard Type

Leaving aside personal preferences, the most important factor to consider when choosing a facial trimmer is the type of beard you have. There are trimmers you can successfully use to get a close and sharp shave. However, you might prefer leaving a stubble instead. Look for a trimmer that enables you to easily cut your beard to the desired length or obtain the perfect stubble.

How thick the hair is also matters. If it’s thin or has a medium thickness, you could do just fine with most facial trimmer models. But if the beard is very thick, especially if it’s also curly, you’ll need a trimmer that can handle it, one with a strong motor.

Trimmer Features

Length Settings

These are essential when choosing the best facial trimmer for your needs. Check out the trimmer’s adjustable length setting range to understand what outcome you could achieve by using it. For example, a range of 0.4 to 10 mm is suitable for short or medium-length beards. It is also ok if you want to get a stubble beard. However, it wouldn’t help if you have a long beard.

The Blades

Another feature that tells you what you can expect from a trimmer is the blade. The blades vary depending on the type of trimmer you choose. For increased efficiency, you might want to look for a model with blades that cut both ways. The number of oscillations per second will also let you know how fast and efficient the trimmer is.

For a longer trimmer lifespan, you might want to consider a trimmer that has a replaceable blade, especially if you have a long and coarse beard.

In terms of material choice, the blades vary, with options spanning from ceramic to stainless steel, and more. You might also want to look for a blade that offers hypoallergenic properties to reduce the risk of pesky irritation. Another sought-after feature is zero-overlapping. Blades designed with zero overlap are considered some of the fastest and best-performing.

Battery or Cord

These grooming gadgets can be corded or cordless. The corded models might be less practical when in use since they’re harder to manage because of the cord. Yet, you can rely on them at any time without fearing the battery will run out. A battery model is easier to carry around, which makes it more suitable if you’re often on the go. The ideal solution might be a trimmer that’s both corded and cordless, so you can adapt it to each circumstance.

Trim Time

If you choose a trimmer with a cord, you can use it for as long as you want, provided you have where to plug it in. However, if you opt for a battery model there are two other aspects to weigh One is the charge time. The average time it takes to get a full charge is usually an hour for a quality trimmer.

The second aspect, which is even more important, is the trim time. For how long can you use the gadget once it’s fully charged? A good idea is to opt for one that offers 60 minutes trim time to make sure you finish the job once you get started. If you keep a long beard and you need more than an hour, a corded trimmer might be better.


Check out the number and types of attachments of each trimmer. You can get different hair attachments, ear or nose attachments, and even body hair attachments, alongside a precision detailer or a contour edging attachment. So, all your hair-related issues can be tackled with the same grooming gadget.

A good trimmer also offers plenty of guard combs. Make sure you check out the length you can achieve with these and choose a trimmer that’s suitable for your beard. Some combs are designed for cutting the hair, these are guide combs. Others are made to help you tidy the beard and make it even, these can be stub combs or long-hair combs.

Some trimming gadgets offer a single guard comb you can adjust to different lengths. They can be a more practical solution, especially if you travel often and you want to easily fit the trimmer in your luggage.

Among other attachments and extras, you can come across cleaning oil or cleaning brushes. Speaking of cleaning, some trimmers are waterproof, and you can clean them under the faucet. These are quite practical as they’re faster and easier to clean.

The Motor

This is the part of the trimmer that powers it. The stronger the motor, the more force, and efficiency behind the blades. A sign that the motor is reliable is its capacity to operate for a longer time.

Another advantage to consider is a trimmer that deploys cooling technology. This way, when you use it, the device won’t get hot, which can make it uncomfortable to manage. Additionally, you might want to look for a trimmer that produces little noise. This way, you won’t disturb others while using it and you’ll feel more relaxed during grooming time.

Final Considerations

Besides these technical specs, you should also look at the product’s warranty before buying a trimmer. Purchase a model that has a warranty, so you can get free repairs or replacements for a while.

Finally, it’s also worth reading some customer reviews when looking for the best trimmer. See what other people have to say about the overall quality and features of the product you’re considering.