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BNGXR Bluetooth Fashion Smartwatch, 2023 New F57L Blood Glucose Monitoring Smartwatch Non-invasive Sugar Test Smart Watch, Painless Testing Fitness Intelligent Watch (Black), Adjustable




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    BNGXR Bluetooth Fashion Smartwatch, 2023 New F57L Blood Glucose Monitoring Smartwatch Non-invasive Sugar Test Smart Watch, Painless Testing Fitness Intelligent Watch (Black), Adjustable

    Main highlights
    • 【[All Day Monitoring of Heart Rate and Blood Pressure] Bluetooth Fashion Smartwatch】Supports up to 50+ professional exercise modes based on accurate real-time heart rate detection and AI algo-rithms. The watch will record all the data in the process of movement in real time to ensure that the movement is more efficient and safer.
    • 【Painless Blood Sugar Measurement】 DAIROYBODERPT Open the sleep mode, notification message do not disturb, for you to quietly reduce the screen brightness. Quietly monitor sleep heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and length of deep sleep.... Don't let screen light disturb your sleep. Wake up to generate your own sleep report, sleep well or not, the watch will know.
    • 【Painless Blood Glucose Testing Fashionable Sports Watch】The high-performance chip has strong performance and can meet the high performance requirements in typical scenarios of intelligent mode. Low power chip energy saving and high efficiency, combined with intelligent power saving algorithm, can meet the business trip, travel long endurance demand; 260mah under full charge, standby for 1 month, light use for 15 days, deep use for 10 days, heavy use for 7 days.
    • 【Non-invasive Blood Glucose Test】High gamut HD ultra narrow frame 1.9-inch large screen. When testing the body temperature, the bottom temperature sensor must be fully in contact with the skin (test after wearing for 10 minutes). The temperature test will be affected by the temperature difference of the environment and only serve as a warning.
    • 【Blood Glucose Monitoring Smartwatch】 The 𝐅𝟓𝟕𝐋 watch is equipped with an optical heart rate sensor, which can be used for daily 24-hour uninterrupted high-precision heart rate monitoring. The LED light on the back shines light on the wrist, and the blood flows at different speeds. Built-in blood sugar detection chip, wear on the wrist, always know your blood sugar value. When you are tired of work or after exercise, you can easily measure it and adjust the state in time.

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