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Laser Tag Rechargeable 360 Sensors LCDs Review

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Libby Johnson
Checked icon Last updated - January 30, 2024

Verdict overview

  • lasts a long time 9.4
  • worth the money 9.4
  • Precision 9.4
  • Giftable 9.6
  • Simple to use 9.4
  • Rechargeable gear no need to constantly change batteries.
  • 360 Combat no escape from 3 target zones.
  • Herosync LCD HUD easily sync and check status during battle.
  • Cheap charging wires.

Tech specs

  • Age Range Description Toddler,Kid
  • Manufacturer recommended age8 years and up
  • Number of Batteries8 Lithium Ion batteries required. included
  • Package Dimensions16.97 x 13.39 x 5.63 inches
  • Batteries8 Lithium Ion batteries required. included
  • Item Weight7 pounds
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Expert opinion

I recently had the pleasure of trying out the Squad Hero Rechargeable 360 Sensors LCDs, and I am more than impressed with what this laser tag set has to offer. This product is perfect for anyone who is looking for a fun and immersive game experience. Whether you re playing solo or in a group, this set has something to offer everyone.

The most impressive feature of the Squad Hero Rechargeable 360 Sensors LCDs is its rechargeability. The guns and vests are fully rechargeable, meaning you never have to stop the game action to change batteries. The set includes an innovative charging station that allows you to charge all the gear at once easily. You can play up to 8 games per charge, so this set should last for quite some time before needing a recharge.

Another great feature of this laser tag set is its 360 combat technology. It comes with three target zones chest, back, and gun which gives your opponent no escape. Additionally, it has Herosync LCD HUD technologies that allow you to check your status even in the heat of battle without having to rely on lights or audio. This makes for an even more immersive gaming experience.

This set also comes with several other advanced features such as four weapon modes Pistol, Automatic, Laser, and Rocket , adjustable lives per game setting, Stealth Mode, Team or Solo mode, night flashlight, 150 foot reach, child safe infrared emission, and you can add unlimited guns and vests as all Squad Hero Laser Tag sets are compatible! All of these features make BattleAction Laser Tag one of the most intense and hi tech home based infrared laser tag games around!

The Squad Hero Rechargeable 360 Sensors LCDs is perfect for any family who wants to have fun together while also experiencing an incredibly immersive game experience. With its rechargeable gear and advanced features, this product provides hours of entertainment without ever having to worry about changing batteries! I highly recommend this product if you re looking for a fun family activity or simply want a unique gaming experience!

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