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Starfavor 88 Key Keyboard Electronic Piano Review

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Libby Johnson
Checked icon Last updated - June 9, 2024

Verdict overview

  • audio quality 7.2
  • worth the money 9.1
  • Durability 9.1
  • for starters 7.0
  • Sound level 7.0
  • Semi weighted keys
  • 128 rhythms 80 demo songs
  • Teaching mode external software
  • Incomplete parts possible.

Tech specs

  • product dimensions7.5D x 47W x 2.36H
  • item weight11 pounds
  • age range descriptionAdult
  • instrument88 Key Keyboard, Digital Piano, Electronic keyboard, Piano Keyboard 88 Keys
  • color name88 Key Keyboard +Piano Stand +Pedal +Headphone
  • connector type3.5mm Jack
  • sizeCompact with Piano Stand
  • power sourceDC Power Cord
  • customer reviews3.9 3.9 out of 5 stars 738 ratings 3.9 out of 5 stars
  • connectivity technologyUSB
  • stylePortable 88 Key Keyboard Piano
  • model nameSEK-88A
  • headphones jack3.5mm Jack
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Expert opinion

The Starfavor 88 Key Keyboard Electronic Piano is a great choice for those looking for an affordable and versatile digital piano. It features 88 semi weighted keys, 128 rhythms, 80 demo songs, and a recording function. It also has a teaching mode with a maximum polyphony of 128 notes, and can be connected to external software for learning and practice. With the MIDI/USB interface, it can be connected to smart devices such as computers for a better training experience. Additionally, the Starfavor keyboard can be powered by an included power adapter or four AA batteries, so you can take it anywhere.

This digital piano is ideal for beginners who are just starting out on their musical journey. The semi weighted keys provide the feel of a real grand piano while reducing the sense of force needed for playing. This makes it easier to learn how to play familiar songs and practice chords. The 128 rhythms give beginners an opportunity to explore different musical styles while having fun. And with the recording function, they can record their own performances and listen back to them later.

In addition to being great for beginners, this keyboard is perfect for intermediate players who want to hone their skills. The teaching mode helps them learn new techniques by connecting them with external software that provides step by step lessons and practice drills. With the MIDI/USB interface, they can also connect to smart devices such as computers or tablets for further practice sessions. And with its dual power supply options, they can take their music wherever they go!

Overall, I highly recommend the Starfavor 88 Key Keyboard Electronic Piano for anyone looking for an affordable and versatile digital piano that s suitable both for beginners and intermediate players alike. Its semi weighted keys provide an authentic feel while helping reduce the force needed when playing, making it easy to learn popular songs and practice chords. It also has 128 rhythms and 80 demo songs which provide plenty of opportunities to explore different musical styles while having fun. Plus, it has a teaching mode that helps hone your skills through external software lessons and drills as well as its MIDI/USB interface which allows you to connect with smart devices such as computers or tablets for further practice sessions!

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