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Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Table 6 Drawers, Portable Puzzle Table Review

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Leanna Gil
Checked icon Last updated - January 29, 2024

Verdict overview

  • worth the money 7.7
  • Giftable 8.9
  • Simple to use 9.1
  • Durability 8.6
  • Maneuverability 8.6
  • Sheerness 9.4
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  • The table has six drawers, so you can store extra pieces without worrying about misplacing them.
  • The table is made of durable wood, so it wont cave in or warp after extensive use.
  • The table is a perfect activity for puzzle enthusiasts, providing a fun way to interact and stimulate your mind.
  • Weak drawer magnets.

Tech specs

  • Manufacturer recommended age6 years and up
  • Puzzle typeJigsaw
  • Manufacturer Minimum Age72.00
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH35 x 27 x 2 inches
  • Product Dimensions35 x 27 x 2 inches
  • Item Weight17.06 pounds
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Expert opinion

If you re looking for the perfect way to store and assemble your 1500 piece puzzles, then PLAYVIBE 6 Drawers, Portable Puzzle Table is the ideal choice. This high quality puzzle table is constructed with durable wood to ensure that it doesn t warp or cave in after extensive use. It also comes with 6 drawers, allowing users to store extra pieces while they work on their puzzles. The drawers are conveniently designed so that you can easily transport your puzzles and hang up your masterpiece when you re finished.

This product is perfect for any puzzle enthusiast who wants a fun and engaging activity. With PLAYVIBE 6 Drawers, Portable Puzzle Table, you can bring the puzzle anywhere! Place it on countertops, coffee tables, beach blankets or the floor this puzzle table is versatile enough to be used in any location. The sleek design also allows for an easy set up and take down meaning that you can quickly stow away your finished masterpiece when you re done.

Aside from its portability and convenience, this product also encourages strategic thinking and problem solving skills. Assembling a jigsaw puzzle requires patience and focus it is a great way to hone these skills while having fun at the same time! Plus, because of its lightweight design, it s easy enough to bring along on trips or family outings.

In conclusion, PLAYVIBE 6 Drawers, Portable Puzzle Table is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an enjoyable way to store and assemble their 1500 piece puzzles. It encourages strategic thinking and problem solving skills while providing a convenient way to transport your puzzles wherever you go. The durable wood construction ensures that your board won t cave in or warp after extensive use plus, the sleek design allows for an easy set up and take down so you can quickly stow away your masterpiece when you re done. If you want an engaging activity that will keep your brain active for hours on end without taking up much room this product is definitely worth considering!

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